4 benefits of hiring candidates with international experience

Whether it is an overseas experience or an experience born out of being raised in a foreign country – the benefits of hiring staff members that have international experiences are plentiful. 

Businesses that look to higher employees with transnational experience will often do so because they want to tap into specific skills sets that can be transferred into the workplace. Whether it’s knowing different languages, dealing with patients who possess multiple cultural views, or feeling comfortable operating in an environment that differs to the status quo – these skill sets are highly beneficial to any employer.

Here are some of the qualities you should look for in a candidate before you hire them as a healthcare professional. 

The New Zealand Ministry of Health recent announcement to help fund nurses who are not currently practising to return to a nursing role, will provide a much needed relief to the aged-care sector where the staff shortage crisis has reached a tipping point! 

Relying solely on labour with local experience can be inhibiting in this current competitive market. That’s why recruiting internationally trained healthcare professionals gives employers a better chance of bringing in experienced staff to provide high-quality care to their patients.

In this blog, we look at the benefits of recruiting internationally trained healthcare professionals:

Addresses workforce shortage challenge

Within the aged-care sector in New Zealand, the workforce shortage crisis has now reached a tipping point. An estimated 20,000 more people will need residential aged care facilities in the next 10 years.  

Hiring talent that is already in New Zealand and understands the culture as well as the nuances of the industry will provide a big advantage to various facilities. They will not only help fill-in the gaps within organisations, but also bring with them a global experience that is nurtured in kiwi values. 

Provides a competitive advantage 

Access to a globally experienced talent pool gives employers a chance to find the right professional for a role. Certain skill-sets and experiences are essential if you are working in the healthcare industry. Being able to source from a larger pool will help employers find a talent that fits the job description.

With the New Zealand government 5-step border reopening plan, facilities will soon be able to source talent from overseas. New Zealand has a strong international reputation for its working conditions and providing a work-life balance to employees. International healthcare professionals are ready to work and willing to also relocate to New Zealand for a better life and opportunities. If you want to discuss the right process and person for you, our team at DeoCare can help. 

Helps improve quality patient care

All healthcare professionals work on the values of patient safety and care, first. One of the problems of being short-staffed is being unable to provide quality care to patients. 

Hiring staff from overseas or with overseas experience, will give patients more time with their caregivers, leading to more focused care. 

This will also reduce professional burnout faced by many aged-care facilities, which in turn will help mitigate risk to patients and organizations. 

This also provides an excellent opportunity for facilities to build a reputation as an organisation that provides employees with better opportunities to improve their work-life balance. 

Scale your workforce quickly and safely 

The time to hire professionals with international experience may seem daunting. However, if you engage with specialised agencies like DeoCare that understand the verification process and have experience placing staff with overseas experience, this time can be reduced significantly. This can help you scale your workforce quickly and safely. 

Diverse and inclusive workplaces attract diverse talent. Recruiting internationally experienced healthcare professionals will benefit your organization, staff, patients and clients.

If you would like to recruit and attract international staff to grow your organization, get in touch with us and we’ll help you find the right person from our pool of over career-focused healthcare professionals.


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