Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of healthcare jobs do you recruit for?

DeoCare NZ is a specialised healthcare recruitment and staffing agency.

We provide community, health, and aged care staffing solutions throughout New Zealand.

We recruit for care and non-care staff within aged-care facilities, including internally qualified nurses, requiring employer-sponsorship for their CAPs.

  • Do you assist in recruiting only international candidates?

No, we provide candidates that are local i.e., in New Zealand as well as those who are overseas.

We do have a particular focus on international healthcare recruitment – bringing internationally qualified nurses to New Zealand –  as there is a shortage of registered nurses in New Zealand.

  • What is the scope of IQNs that are available or on offer through DeoCare?

DeoCare works with candidates who have provided us with a level of commitment to come to New Zealand.

Most of our candidates have either had their documents verified by the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools or have passed or can pass their English language requirements but are short of funds to enroll for their Competency Assessment Program for Overseas Registered Nurses (CAP).

  • What type of candidate screening process does Deocare follow?

DeoCare works with candidates who are verified by the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools and committed to joining the New Zealand healthcare workforce.

Prior to offering you a candidate, we request for:

  • Two professional referees from the candidate and contact both of them to verify details about the candidate
  • Contact previous employers to verify employment history
  • Confirm any medical registration they claim to have at present or in the past
  • Request copies of relevant qualifications
  • Conduct further electronic searches to ensure that there is nothing in their history that we may have missed.

We can provide you with a summary of the checks we have conducted for your records.

  • Have the IQNs passed their English language requirement test?

Most of our candidates have either passed or can pass their English Language requirements.

  • How soon can they arrive in NZ?

The candidates are ready to come to New Zealand as soon as the immigration process is complete.

  • Where are your current batch of IQNs from?

DeoCare seeks candidates from developed and developing countries where applicants work in modern facilities with access to the latest medications, technology, and practice standards.

  • Do you provide part time staff?

We provide recruitment for temporary, short-term, casual and permanent positions.

  • What locations do you recruit for?

We are proud to help facilities across Aotearoa New Zealand find solutions for their staffing needs.

  • What is the recruitment cost?

Before we provide a cost estimate, we would like to understand your requirements.

Please contact us on or give us a call on +64 800 855 599

As the holiday season approaches, we know the workload for facilities will increase adding pressure on already overwhelmed staff. To help ease the process and reduce stress, we are offering a 20% discount on our permanent recruitment fees for any placements in October, November, and December 2022.

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