How to spot a great healthcare professional?

If you’re a hiring for staff in your healthcare practice or facility, you can easily point out the challenges of healthcare recruiting. Lack of readily available or suitable talent and high turnover rates are probably at the top of your list. With a global shortage of healthcare workers and nurses due to Covid, recruiting a healthcare professional has become an increasingly competitive and challenging space.

So, that means that there’s an immense responsibility on you as a healthcare provider to hire the right professional. The person you hire needs to be the right one, not only because their decisions affect multiple lives but also because they need to have the ability to work in stressful and often limited situations.

Here are some of the qualities you should look for in a candidate before you hire them as a healthcare professional. 

Being cooperative and working well with others 

A simple “Are you ok?” can go a long way towards making someCooperating is essential for excellent care. The ability to work effectively and efficiently across teams to provide the best care for the patients and clients is an important attribute that is needed in all healthcare professionals.  

They need to constantly be asking the questions, “why”, and have the courage to oppose the status quo, to question someone else’s opinion and  persuade others to make difficult choices.

Ability to be professional competent 

Nurses or aged care workers should have knowledge about a broad multidisciplinary field and the ability to apply this knowledge across a cross-section of people, experiences and situations. Successful healthcare professionals have a growth mindset where they are constantly learning, and willing to share their knowledge, to high quality care and performance. 

Good communicator and paraphraser

The healthcare professional you hire needs to be able to communicate on different levels and in complex situations. A great healthcare professional is always a proficient communicator, one who is able to “summarize patients’ needs”, and to assist them in making choices. They are capable listener, able to paraphrases and asks questions to help the patients understand complex situations in the simplest of teams. 

Self- learner 

And above all else, the right healthcare professional needs to have the ability to self-reflect, and introspect on their work. This is a highly regarded quality not just in healthcare professional but professionals across industries

The ability to constantly seek feedback, evaluate whether they are on the right path, and being confident in their chosen path, is a necessity in a healthcare professional as this helps them confidently care after their patients.

Being proactive and initiating new ideas 

Another quality that is essential in an healthcare professional is the ability to propose and promote new ideas, act proactively, and follow them through. Proactive behavior is seen as “acting in advance of a future situation, rather than just reacting”. 

An excellent professional initiates processes of change and is an influencer of his or her profession within and outside his own professional field or organization.

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