Interview – DeoCare NZ founder, Adeola Bamgbose

Tell us what led you to start DeoCare NZ?

I came to New Zealand in 2005, and my first job was as a care worker. That’s where my passion and interest for health, aged care and community services began. It has continued to grow over the past 15 years and was my primary driver to starting DeoCare NZ in 2019.

Give us a brief introduction to DeoCare NZ?

DeoCare NZ is a specialised healthcare recruitment and staffing agency, that provides community, health, and aged care staffing solutions throughout New Zealand.

Our vision is to help more people find a rewarding career in healthcare services and to lead the way in providing quality staff who care.

The current workforce crisis within the aged-care sector has many businesses grappling for resources. At DeoCare, our approach has always been solution-focused. We have outlined two such solutions in our latest blog.

What are the values that underpin DeoCare NZ?

Individuals like to stay at home and be supported, so it’s essential to find the perfect people to help them. At DeoCare NZ, we go the extra mile to recruit top quality, trusted workers who give the greatest care.

I believe in working with our clients, treating them kindness, care and respect. These core values that underpin the foundations of DeoCare NZ.

And finally, what do you do when you’re not looking for exceptional talented professional for your clients?

When I am not working, I am a very busy mother to my three children under the age of five.

I also like to kick football around at our local ground sometimes. 

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