Meet the team

Meet Sharanjit Kaur, DeoCare staff member

Sharanjit believes patient care is about not just about the patient but their families as well.

A dedicated professional, Sharanjit’s has four years of experience in the industry and joined our temp team as a Healthcare Assistant this year.

Let’s find out more about Sharanjit.

1. Tell us about your background – where you’re from, how long have you been in healthcare?

My name is Sharanjit Kaur. I am from India, where I completed my Bachelor in Science in Nursing. After completing my education, I worked for four years in the industry.

2. Tell us about your passion for working in healthcare

I am interested in providing care to the patients as a health care assistant.

I like going beyond my call of duty to support my patients and their families.

My passion for healthcare lies with patient care wherein I enjoy taking care of patients and their families too.

3. How has your experience been with DeoCare?

I have had a wonderful experience with DeoCare. It’s a really very good company.

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