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Looking for jobs can be time-consuming. Especially when you’re working full-time already.

We can help you find your next permanent role, promotion or move to a different location.

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Te Whatu Ora • Aged Care • Community & Social Care
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“I’m from the Philippines and have been a registered nurse for 12 years, working in hospitals, homes and aged care. 

Working with DeoCare has helped me reach my dreams and become a Registered Nurse in New Zealand, and has helped me find a new life for my family here too.”

– Kristine

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Personalised job-matching

Every healthcare professional is unique, with individual aspirations, skills, and experiences.That’s why we prioritise personalised job matching, ensuring that each candidate is paired with the right opportunities to suit their career goals and preferences. We work closely with you to understand your objectives, strengths, and desired work environments. Leveraging our extensive industry connections and in-depth knowledge, we are committed to presenting you with a selection of positions that align with your goals, maximising your potential for long-term job satisfaction and success.

Comprehensive role evaluation

We offer comprehensive role exploration services as part of our commitment to finding the perfect fit for our candidates.

This process involves assessing not only your qualifications and experience but also your personal values and work style.

We delve deep into each available position, examining the work culture, job responsibilities, growth opportunities, and any unique aspects that may influence job satisfaction.

By providing you with a thorough understanding of each role, we empower you to make well-informed decisions about your career, ensuring that you are confident and excited about your next move.

Interview preparation and support

Securing a rewarding healthcare position is more than just finding the right opportunity – it’s about standing out to employers.

We provide interview preparation and support services to give you the edge you need to excel in interviews.

Our goal is to equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to showcase your abilities and make a lasting impression on your future employer.

“Thank you so much for your great support and help towards us. You are the light of our new life. Now we are very happy. We are now settled in Tapanui and I’ve started working at West Otago Health Limited. I am very satisfied with Deocare. It’s because of you that we are here. I appreciate your help.”

– Reny

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At DeoCare NZ, our team values care and creating long-term relationships with the people we work with.

We have a reputation for going the extra mile to find the right staff for you. And love connecting caring people.