Make Staffing Easy and Stress-Free

Partnering With Healthcare Service Providers

Find The Right Person For Your Role

Finding the right person to fill your vacant healthcare role can be frustrating.

We take the effort out of your recruitment process by presenting you with only the people who have what it takes to fit right in.

Taking The Stress Out Of Recruiting

We help reduce the stress and time it takes to recruit, by working with you to present the right candidates for the job.
We do this by:

Understanding candidate skills and experience

You deserve the best candidates to fill the positions at your healthcare facility.

We understand the importance of looking beyond the resume to find healthcare professionals who truly meet your needs. To help you save time, we evaluate each candidate’s skills, qualifications, and professional experience, guaranteeing that they possess the essential competencies for the roles you seek to fill.

By considering each candidate’s unique background, we can identify their strengths and areas of expertise, ensuring that we match them with suitable positions that contribute to your facility’s success and growth.

Ensuring cultural fit and alignment

Each workplace has its own culture, fit and personality. We prioritise finding candidates who will seamlessly integrate into your healthcare facility’s culture.

By getting to know your organisation’s values and expectations and understanding your team’s specific dynamics, and considering not just technical skills but also personal attributes, work styles, and interpersonal skills, we are able to identify candidates who will contribute positively to your workplace and enhance the overall team dynamic.

Access to a reliable pool of qualified candidates

Our extensive network and commitment to including qualified international and local staff have enabled us to create a diverse and reliable pool of healthcare professionals.

These candidates have been carefully screened and evaluated, ensuring that they are well-qualified and demonstrate a strong work ethic, a commitment to patient care, and a genuine passion for their profession.

By partnering with us, you can trust that you’ll have access to an exceptional selection of candidates, making it easier to find the perfect fit for your healthcare facility’s staffing needs.

“Working with Deocare gave me a chance to contribute my skills to NZ healthcare. Temping flexibility allowed me time with my family”

– Rishav

Find Your Next Temporary Role in a Variety of Healthcare Settings

Addiction Services • Aged Care
Community & Social Care • Disabilities
Mental Health Services • Primary Care

Helping You Fill Your Long Or Short-term Staffing Needs


Let’s talk about your healthcare setting, the role you’re looking to fill and how we can help you find the right person.


We’ll help you create a targeted strategy to fill your position, advertise and manage the recruitment process.


We’ll screen and select applicants who meet your needs and present them to you so you have the best pick without the effort.

“DeoCare gives you a sense of fullfilment that I would be able to do things beyond my routinary life. The idea of working with DeoCare makes me happy that someday I would fulfill my project in personal life. “

– Eric

DeoCare NZ Specialised Healthcare Recruitment

At DeoCare NZ, our team values care and creating long-term relationships with the people we work with.

We have a reputation for going the extra mile to find the right staff for you. And love connecting caring people.