What Nurses Are Thinking: Discover the Key Questions Nurses Ask Healthcare Recruitment Agencies

As a healthcare recruitment agency on the frontline of connecting nurses with employment opportunities, DeoCare NZ has gained invaluable insights into the thoughts, concerns, and evolving trends within the healthcare recruitment landscape.

We have a unique perspective on what nurses are thinking, the questions they ask, and the emerging trends shaping the recruitment process.

In this blog post, we will share our deep understanding of the nursing community, providing you, as employers, with valuable insights into the top questions nurses ask us.

Discover how DeoCare NZ can help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of nursing recruitment and optimise your strategies for attracting and retaining top nursing talent. Get in touch with us.

  1. What Types of Work are Available in Aged-Care Facilities?

Nurses frequently inquire about the range of work opportunities in aged-care facilities. They seek clarity on the variety of roles, such as Registered Nurse, or Healthcare Assistants, and the specific duties and responsibilities associated with each position.

Our team at DeoCare spends a lot of time to provide nurses with the right information on the different types of care – such as residential care, dementia care, or palliative care. This not only helps the nurses understand the role better, it also helps us choose the right talent, with the right skills and interests for our clients.

  1. What Growth Opportunities Exist Within the Aged-Care Sector?

Nurses are keen to understand the potential for career advancement and professional growth within the aged-care sector. They inquire about opportunities for specialised training, upskilling, or further education that can broaden their scope of practice.

When we meet our clients, we usually ask them about ongoing professional development for their employees, so that we can highlight career pathways, mentorship programs, to attract and retain talented nurses.

  1. What Skills and Qualifications are Required to Excel as a Nurse?

We often get asked about what specific skills and qualifications employers look for in nursing candidates.

This is a very critical and valid question for us as recruitment agency for aged-care facilities. We emphasise the importance of clinical competencies, such as medication management, wound care, and infection control, but also of interpersonal skills like effective communication, patient and family management.

We highlight to them that having the right learning attitude is as important as having the relevant qualifications.

  1. Which Locations Have Job Opportunities in Aged-Care?

Location is a key consideration for many nurses who are interested in coming to New Zealand.

DeoCare services clients across the country and we know that there is a growing need for healthcare professionals in rural areas.

Our team works with the nurses to understand their preference, and lifestyle as well as their skills and qualification. We highlight the benefits of each area where our clients are based, such as proximity to amenities, transportation options, and community engagement opportunities. This helps them make informed decisions about their career options and work-life balance, at the same time provides our clients with a talent that has made the right choice for the right reason.

  1. What Support and Resources are Provided for Nurses?

Nurses value a supportive work environment that fosters professional growth and well-being. They commonly inquire about the support and resources available to them, such as access to continuing education, immigration support and opportunities for professional networking.

Understanding the questions nurses ask us can provide valuable insights for employers in the aged-care sector.

We’d love to share more such insights into the latest conversations, trends and needs of the nurses who are in the job market. DeoCare NZ is committed to supporting employers in the aged-care sector by providing comprehensive insights and resources to facilitate successful recruitment and retention of nursing talent. Get in touch with our team.

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